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Noise Problems

The following was contributed by Fred Studden, Electronics Editor, Powerboat Fishing Magazine

"All of the tests I could subject the STO-P to (in the lab) confirmed it would do everything the manufacturers said it would. The next step was to get it out into the field and see how it worked in the real world.

"An opportunity came to hand when I fitted one of the more modest priced LCD sounders to a customers boat fitted with one of the larger, older type outboard motor, known disparagingly as 'White Anchors'. This motor produced and radiated so much interference it would switch the sounder off. Different sounders were fitted with no success and so fierce was the radiation even a separate battery hooked up to the sounder alone was no help. As soon as the motor picked up a few rev's, off would go the sounder.

"A STO-P was fitted in the power supply line up close to the sounder and the problem was solved. Twelve months later the customer has not had any further problems."

Comments from the Marine Press:

( See also 'Real-Life Accident' and 'Noise Problems' article excerpts. )

"I have really given STO-P a hard and long testing,
 and have been so impressed with the results,
 I have installed a number of these on customer's boats."

		- Fred Studden, Electronics Editor,

"... it really does zap the gremlins."

		- Tim Findley, Offshore Editor
		  Marine Scene Magazine

( From a review about electronics at the Sydney Boat Show: )

"The show-stopper for me  personally was nothing big
 or flashy.  It is called a STO-P protector, and is
 designed to prevent switching currents and over-voltages
 from reaching your delicate electronics."

 "...  a device that protects thousands of dollars worth
 of delicate electronic equipment is a worthwhile investment."

		- Jon Fairall, Electronics Editor and Author

"Operating your electronics without a STO-P, is like running
 your diesel engine without a fuel filter.  Without one
 you're just asking for trouble."

Real-Life Accident!

The following was contributed by Tim Findley, OFFSHORE Editor, MARINE SCENE Magazine.

"Three years ago when cruising in New Caledonian waters I reached under my nav station to switch battery banks on my isolators.

"Not looking what I was doing I switched off the negative. The resultant power surge blew every instrument that was turned on at the time.

"This was heart-pill material when one contemplates the cost of electronic technicians in French territory. A cruising friend pointed me at an American yacht. The skipper, he said, was an electronic genius. And so it turned out. He replaced diodes and transistors and advised I lock the negative switch to avoid inadvertent operation.

"We became friends and I discovered he was a real electronic wizard who had escaped from Silicon Valley for the cruising life. He had invented a device to protect GPS navigators but hadn't got around to putting it into production.

"Over the next year, he became famous among cruising yachtie simply by word of mouth and his 'GPS Protector' was fitted to most yachts visiting New Caledonia.

"Literally thousands (of STO-Ps) are now in use worldwide with the military knocking on his door. Because what's happened is a little device designed as insurance to keep boaties' GPSs functioning has proved to be equally beneficial to all sorts of sophisticated electronics - and it really does zap the gremlins."

West Marine Advisor author:

"You've done all the research, attended all the shows, read the articles in Practical Sailor, Powerboat Reports, and Motorboating & Sailing, and finally you've selected all the right electronic gear. Your GPS, radar, sonar, SSB, and integrated instruments are installed. But before you power them up, there's one more thing you should do to ensure that your electronics perform as intended. You need power fault protection in the circuits leading to your valuable, and vulnerable electronics.

Boats are a veritable caldron of electrical supply maladies, no matter how smart your regulator, or how well-bonded your thru-hulls. That's why we offer this neat solution to DC supply problems. When installed in the DC supply` to your electronics, the STO-P power conditioner automatically eliminates seven types of faults.

The STO-P will switch to a second battery like a small gel cell, to operate your critical electronics during sustained low voltage conditions, so you don't lose even a second of operation and the device's memory is not corrupted. This is ideal for small computers which will re-boot if power is lost. A second circuit is available for higher current loads which don't need to stay on during low-voltage conditions.

Under sustained high-voltage conditions (like when a regulator fails), the STO-P will rapidly disconnect your electronics to prevent them from damage. Multiple loads can be run through the STO-P as long as their total current does not exceed the rating of the device.

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