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Going Cruising? Or, planning to Charter in the Med? This is the one guide you need! Use it for planning. Take it with you. Written as part of the ATOL weather project to provide accurate weather forecasts for small boats.

ATOL’s Mediterranean Weather Guide
pub. June 1999, 88 pp

“Sailors Lives are Governed by the Weather”
Throw away your timepieces.
Living on the Sea means living with nature!

Welcome to the Mediterranean Sea! It’s been described as one big bath tub where winds are either dead calm or gale force with nothing in between. It can be dangerous - countless sailors over the centuries never came home.

The trick is to know when the weather is right! In this ATOL Guide, we tell you what to expect, where and when to get ‘up to the minute’ weather forecasts, and how to interpret them.

This guide is written for both the novice sailor and for the experienced weather observer. It contains materials never before published in a yachting guide. Among the topics covered are: ]

. . . plus much more!

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